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Isôko brings the administration closer to the citizens. You will find all the necessary information to help you carry out procedures in the Burundian administration.

Introductory statement by the Minister of Public Service, Labor and EmploymentThe Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment, Mrs Domine BANYANKIMBONA

In accordance with its mandate of piloting administrative reform in the framework of the National Program for Administrative Reform (PNRA), the Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Employment is committed to working for a qualified, efficient public administration responsible, oriented towards the general interest and the service to the citizen. This will be achieved through the implementation of the 35 actions of this program. And it is in this logic that he has sponsored, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), a work of design, implementation and online and appropriation of an Internet portal. access to information and forms on the administrative procedures of the Burundian administration. The Portal to access Information and procedures on Administrative Procedures aims to provide citizens with useful information for easy access to various public services. It has been developed with a view to provide means and facilities for accessing information, combating ignorance and inaccessibility. Finally, it is an opportunity to make transparency and good governance prevail in the public administration and thus improve the quality of services rendered to citizens using the public service. It is an important step in putting the performance of public administration at the service of citizens. It remains, therefore, that the administrations can appropriate them in order to be up to date, once an administrative procedure is modified. The Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Employment invites all public institutions to take ownership of this tool that promotes good governance and facilitates access to public services.

Introductory statement by the Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment

Message of the UNDP Resident RepresentativeNicole Kouassi, UNDP Resident Representative

The ISOKO portal, provides information and guidance for citizens on access to administrative and judicial services, is of great significance in the consolidation of citizen power vis-à-vis the public administration. By sharing details of the procedures most used by citizens, particularly in Kirundi, including the deadlines, the steps to be followed, the documents to be provided, the fees required, the reasons for rejection, the legal bases, etc. the portal is also the expression of the promise of admiration vis-à-vis citizens, who once well informed, can act as cooperative partners and demanding users. But beyond the service to users, the portal is an important step towards electronic administration which is the privileged way to reduce paper consumption and therefore reduce the impact of public action on climate change and to protect consumers, citizens against phenomena like COVID-19. The UNDP is happy to have supported this initiative of the Government and calls on the other partners to deepen together what is only the beginning of a long journey towards e-government in Burundi.

Message of the UNDP Resident Representative